Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau

This page is a list of the activities undertaken by CAMP in the past 5 years.

Research  Hollowmarsh: a medieval meadowland landscape
Chewton Medieval Deerpark
The Medieval Lords of Chewton 
Aspects of the  'Minster' church of Chewton

Field visits Marston Magna and Nether Adber Glastonbury Abbey Bradford on Avon: Roman, Saxon and later medieval period

Ramspits medieval settlement

Ham Hill Iron Age Enclosure                                                          Dunster Castle and Water mill

Martin Green's Farm

Longer Study Trips   Normandy, France: The Abbey of Jumieges, St Martin de Boscherville Abbey church and medieval Rouen                  Orkney  

Indoor workshops    Zooarchaeology
Soil interpretation in excavation
Finds sorting, recording and marking
Aspects of planning and section drawing
On-going pottery type series study

Flotation Day

Outdoor workshops  Using a dumpy level in excavation
Exploring the architectural features of Chewton church

Walks  Industrial archaeology: The Somerset Coal Canal Landscape archaeology of the Mendip Plateau
      Early farm settlement in Chewton Mendip

Stanton Drew Prehistoric stone circles

Routeways of Chewton Mendip over the millennia

Geophysics  Resistivity, Magnetometry and Pseudosection resistivity

  at dig site and Pound Paddock, Chewton Mendip

Excavation Spring and summer- ongoing Chewton Mendip

Field-walking Manor Farm, Emborough

Test-pitting Manor Farm, Emborough

Earthwork survey            Chewton Mendip

Illustrated Talks to the public Clutton History Society July 2014
AONB conference Wells,   2012, 2014, 2015
Weston Arch. and Hist. Soc.   Spring 2012 & 2013
Festival of Archaeology July 2010 & 2011

SANHS Archaeology Day March 2016
Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society September 2016

Talks for the local villagers of Chewton Mendip and surrounds Nov 2016/Mar 2017

Talk to Banwell Archaeology Society March 2017

...and other local History and Archaeological Societies over the years

Guest speaker 'Ask the Experts' Sessions. Guest experts have included
Dr Michael Costen, Dr Nick Corcos, James Bond and Marek Lewcun. 

Members' afternoons An opportunity for members to present to the group their own private researches

One-off Metals Day Members giving illustrated talks on various aspects of metals

found during the Chewton Excavations

Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau
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