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Festival of Archaeology 2017 Pottery Identification Day

Pottery expert David Dawson with other members of the team helping to identify pot sherds 

This event took place on Saturday July 15th. Thanks to all the public that turned up and it was good to see the children there making coil pots just as they did in medieval times. 

Making coil pots with the children

There were several activities, the main being pottery identification by our expert David Dawson and his team. People were able to get their sherds dated and looked at under the microscope. We also had pot-related jigsaw games and a map compiled by Pip with all the field names of 1740 on it, which aroused much interest. 

Several locals are interested in having help digging test-pits in their gardens around Chewton. We are keen to get the general public involved in our 'Origins of Chewton' Project and looking for medieval pottery in their gardens is a perfect way to do so. 

Here is some feedback from those attending

JC Thank you, we enjoyed the day and the kids loved the pot making

SP Thank you for a great morning- the boys made pots and
we loved looking at the old maps and dating our pottery finds


If you're really keen then why not dig a 1 metre square test-pit in your garden? Get the family involved. That way you're more likely to find the older pottery. Download some simple instructions in this pdf

Instructions for digging a test pit 2.pdf

If you'd like more information or advice use our 'Contact us' page.  

Risk assessment for Chewton doc.pdf for details on how to dig safely.

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