Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau

Non-technical narrative of the Chewton Mendip Excavations 2011-2016

The Story So Far 2011-2016 (1).pdf

Reports in 2018

Chewton Excavations (Summer 2017) Interim Report No.13.pdf 

'Origins of Chewton' Project. Test pit report Summary report no.2.pdf

Reports in 2017

Chewton Excavation (Spring 2017) Interim Report No 12.pdf

Reports in 2016

Chewton Excavation (Aug 2016) Interim Report No.11.pdf

Chewton Excavation (May 2016) Summary Report 1 May 2016 v2..pdf

Chewton Excavation (Aug-Oct 2015) Interim Report no 10.pdf

Short Metallurgy Report for Trench 17 (Aug-Oct 2015) Evidence for Metal Working.pdf

Short Report on Soils (Aug-Oct 2015)Trench 17 Soils Analyses article for website.pdf

Reports in 2015

Report on the Public Dig held in July as part of the CBA's Festival of Archaeology 

Emborough Trial Trench Report .pdf

Chewton Excavation Interim Report no 9 Apr 2015.pdf

Reports in 2014

Chewton Excavation Interim Report no. 8 Aug 2014v2.pdf Chewton Excavation Interim Report no 7Apr 2014.pdf The report on an Earthwork and Resistivity Survey at Pound Paddock, Chewton Mendip Pound Paddock report.pdf The report on last year's excavations at Chewton Mendip Chewton Excavation Interim Report No.6 for Aug 2013.pdf

Reports in 2013
Resistivity Pseudosection Survey on the Excavation field at Chewton Mendip in May 2013
Report on pseudosections May 2013.pdf Investigations in the Chewton environs Manor Farm Emborough Results of Testpitting June 2013.pdf Reports in 2012

Chewton Excavation Interim Report no. 5 Nov 2012 .pdf includes a resume of the medieval building dig to date, and a geological report on the site and surrounds Chewton Excavation Interim Report 4 Apr 2012.pdf
Hollowmarsh Full Report October 2012.pdf Our report about an important medieval meadowland landscape

Reports in 2011

Chewton Excavation Interim Report no 3 Aug 2011 no. 3.pdf

Chewton Excavation Interim Report No. 2 July 2011.pdf

Chewton Excavation Interim Report no. 1. April 2011.pdf

Hollowmarsh Short Report .pdf (a shorter version of the full report)
In addition you can find us on Somerset HER at References PRN 31636, 31662, 31671, 31670, 31663 OTHER PUBLICATIONS Osborne, P. & Costen, M, 2014, 'Chewton Mendip: the Case for a Saxon Minster and Precinct', in Fenn, P. et al (eds), The Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club, Vol 10 pp24-39, Bristol:CAC (
Osborne, P. 2013, Chewton Mendip: ongoing Excavation Update, in Camertonia no 51 pp12-14, Annual Journal of the Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society
Osborne, P. 2012, Chewton Mendip: the case for a Saxon Minster and Precinct, in Camertonia no. 50, pp32-34, : Annual Journal of the Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society
Updates on the excavations at Chewton can also be found in the 'Archaeological Roundup' in the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society (SANHS), 2012 and 2013 (

Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau
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