Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau

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CAMP's skills base
One of the huge benefits of a  Communtity Archaeology Group made up of members from all walks of life is the skills it brings to the group. CAMP is fortunate to have members skilled in IT, geology, veterinary and human science, chemistry, draughtsmanship, teaching and lecturing and more besides. On this page we feature three of those members: Bob Marley who has lately done artwork for our dig reports, John Croxford who takes our aerial photography of excavations and Brian Irwin who photographs our pottery and small finds. The quality is stunning!

Bob Marley

This was his impression of how our building at Chewton might have looked in medieval times. It is based on archaeological features, such as thresholds, that we have uncovered during the dig. The roof is open to speculation!


John Croxford
John is always on hand to take trench photos as and when needed. The clarity of these photos has enabled us to keep a detailed record of the excavations from the very beginning. We have been
 able to build these into a composite of all the trenches over the last eight years.

 Below is a photo of trench 10 from 2013 showing the SE corner of the building

Trench 4 from 2011 showing the SW corner

Brian Irwin
Brian's photos reflect the diverse nature of the finds on our site. His care and precision produce amazing results and CAMP firmly believes that photography has an important part to play in archaeology alongside drawing skills. Below are examples of Brian's work from our site.

A spun glass bead from Trench 10: date as yet unknown

Flint found in trench 12 by Sarah

Part of a medieval glass goblet found by Rosemary in Trench 15

Community Archaeology on the Mendip Plateau
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